Haiti Housing Factsheet

Stemming from the recent Haiti Housing Conference “Fooling the Sun, Not Fooling the Rain: Housing and Shelter in Haiti Five Years After the Earthquake,” Mennonite Central Committee and Church World Service collaborated to produce a factsheet that provides a broad overview of the housing situation.Factsheet

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Haiti Housing Conference in Washington, DC – November 24, 2014

Join leaders from Haitian civil society and academics as they discuss the current housing crisis and offer solutions to ensure Haitians’ right to housing at “Fooling the Sun, Not Fooling the Rain: Housing And Shelter in Haiti Five Years After the Earthquake.” This unique conference is free to attend and will take place Monday, November 24, 2014 from 9am – 5.30 pm at George Washington University. Please visit www.haitihousingdc.org for more information and to register.

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Haitian Civil Society 2013 Report on Forced Evictions in the Port-au-Prince Metropolitan Area


The Collective of Housing Rights Organizations presents an account of the forced evictions, murders, acts of arson, and various threats against the men, women, and children living under tents—along with those who defend them—suffered during the 2013 year.

Photo by Jackson Doliscar (FRAKKA)

Our objective in this document is to:

-Continue to inform national and international society on the horrible living conditions in the tent camps;

-Denounce all acts of violence and propaganda that seek to paint those living in camps as criminals;

Urgent Action: 20 Families in Camp KID Haiti Face Eviction (Amnesty)

“Twenty families at Camp KID displaced by the January 12th, 2010 Haiti earthquake face imminent threat of forced eviction” – Jackson Doliscar, FRAKKA.
URGENT ACTION (First Posted by Amnesty International at http://www.amnesty.org/en/library/asset/AMR36/007/2014/fr/3368640f-f5ad-45c6-b08d-527c6f41d4a2/amr360072014en.html)

Families at imminent risk of forced eviction
Around twenty families who were left homeless after the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti face imminent forced eviction from their makeshift camp in the capital, Port-au-Prince. If evicted they will once again be left homeless.
Approximately twenty families living in Camp KID displacement camp in the Christ-Roi area of Port-au-Prince are currently under the threat of forced eviction. It is known as Camp KID as it is located on land owned by the political organization Committee for Democratic Unity (Komite Inite Demokratik, KID).



Photo credit: Jackson Doliscar

The POSITION of the Haitian Collective for the Defense of the Right to Housing on the Systematic Eviction of Families in Canaan

The Haitian Collective for the Defense of the Right to Housing strongly denounces and stands firmly against all illegal forced evictions taking place against internally displaced people, many of whom have moved to Canaan as an alternative to IDP camps in the city.  Individuals claiming ownership over sections of Canaan have been assisted by the police and local court authorities in carrying out attacks, destroying the property and homes of hundreds of families without reprieve.  Those who have been evicted have lost everything they own and been subject to unnecessary violence including: physical assault, shots by police, and spraying of teargas.  These forced evictions have happened despite the fact that the land they occupied has been declared public utility land for victims of the January 12th 2010 earthquake.

Outsourcing Haiti: How Disaster Relief Became a Disaster of its Own

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January 16, 2014

Across the country from Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, miles of decrepit pot-holed streets give way to a smooth roadway leading up to the gates of the Caracol Industrial Park, but no further. The fishing hamlet of Caracol, from which the park gets its name, lies around the bend down a bumpy dirt road. Four years after the earthquake that destroyed the country on January 12, 2010, the Caracol Industrial Park is the flagship reconstruction project of the international community in Haiti. Signs adorn nearby roads, mostly in English, declaring the region “Open for Business.” In a dusty field, hundreds of empty, brightly colored houses are under construction in neat rows. If all goes as hoped for by the enthusiastic backers of the industrial park, this area could be home to as many as 300,000 additional residents over the next decade.

The Collective of Organizations for the Defense of the Right to Housing condemns the threats and persecutions against the lawyer activist Patrice Florvilus

August 23, 2013

We, the members of the organizations of the haitian collective for the promotion of the right to housing and signatories of this note, raise the strongest protest against the maneuvers of intimidation, threats and persecution orchestrated against Mr. Patrice Florvilus, executive director of the Défenseurs des Opprimés (DOP) (Defenders of the Oppressed) which is an organization that is part of the collective. As a lawyer engaged in the defense of those displaced by the earthquake of January 12, 2010, Mr. Patrice  Florvilus has often accompanied victims of illegal and violent evictions, before the Haitian courts.

Attorney Patrice Florvilus Receives Summons to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Port-au-Prince

Defenders of the Oppressed (DOP)
August 14, 2013

It is unbelievable but true: Patrice Florvilus, lawyer and director of the social movement legal support group ”Défenseurs des Opprimées/Opprimés (Defenders Oppressed) or DOP, has been summoned to appear in court on Monday, August 19, 2013 at 11:00 AM. Florvilus is accused of arson and conspiracy by Reynold Georges, lawyer of former dictator Jean Claude Duvalier.

We want to highlight that Mr. Florvilus represents oppressed people in Haiti, particularly social movements and those living in displacements camps since the 12 January 2010 earthquake.